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Bridge It is a point-and-click puzzle game with 38 different levels
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Bridge It is a simulation of a bridge constructing. Your main objective is to make it possible for transport to cross the bridge. Your subtask is not to spend the entire budget. There is a variety of materials with certain cost per item. There is iron, steel, cable, suspension cable, heavy steel and hydraulics elements for opening a bridge.

You have to span a river with a bridge and build a pier for it. Only a white dot is the base for the construction. But building a stable bridge is just the first step. After that you will need to simulate traffic. Your bridge should stand still - only then you may proceed to the next level. The game's main feature is physics. You can feel the strength of steel, the stress of cables. Highlight the stress of each element to find the weakest one. There is a full 3D view to see complex elements of the construction. Various landscapes decorate the view of your bridge. This game trains your imagination and intellect, you need to think over every step. If you dreamed to be an architect in the childhood, "Bridge It" is a great chance to experience this.

Dmitry Neganov
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